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Jean Trim and Bill Clifford of Vigilant Capital Management talk about how they work together to help clients achieve their goals. Read more.

Jean Trim and Bill Clifford of Vigilant Capital Management talk about how they work together to help clients achieve their goals. Read more.

Advise your clients in their charitable giving

We can help you help your clients simplify their giving and amplify its impact. Our philanthropy team works with wealth managers and financial advisors, attorneys and accountants to craft customized, flexible giving strategies for their clients — while maximizing tax benefits and reducing administrative burdens.

We have more than five decades of experience investing in New Hampshire communities. Together, we can put that experience to work for your clients.

Why work with the Foundation


Experts in charitable giving

We offer a wide range of charitable products and services that offer maximum tax benefits to your clients. Our philanthropy team can help you work with the latest tools and ideas on everything from complex gifts to charitable giving through estate planning. And we can help facilitate and provide support for family conversations about charitable giving.

Get the conversation started

Research consistently shows that people want to be asked about charitable giving. We can offer tips for having that conversation, and the knowledge and experience to help craft a customized strategy for your clients.

Deepen your client relationships

Your clients will value the combination of the Foundation’s philanthropy know-how, network of resources and expertise and your own knowledge and expertise. Being able to offer that partnership will help you build a stronger relationship with your clients.

Next-level collaboration

Our advisor-managed investment option allows donors to have their advisors continue to manage their charitable assets while Foundation staff provides grantmaking support and consultation.

Network for good

Giving through the Foundation gives you the opportunity to connect with a vibrant community of people who care deeply about New Hampshire — generous citizens, nonprofit and civic leaders, educators and entrepreneurs.

Let's work together

Your clients have funds for other important goals like retirement and education. Why not one for giving? You can help your clients start giving with maximum impact today in three easy steps:


Help your clients pick the right fund

Options for your clients are available to fit any giving strategy


Choose how to invest your client's gift

Investment pools are designed to help meet your client's philanthropic goals


Choose what to give, and when

Nearly any asset can be converted into good — for today, or tomorrow

Dreamers and Doers Work With Us

Meet some of the generous people and businesses who give through the Foundation to improve lives in every corner of New Hampshire.

If the community is healthy, we’re healthy

Globe Manufacturing, which makes protective clothing and boots for firefighters, has operated in Pittsfield since 1901. The $1 million Globe Community Fund is one way the company is saying "thank you" to Pittsfield and surrounding communities

Giving back is in the Weeks family DNA

Like the generations before them, Jack and Pat Weeks have passed on their philanthropic values to their children and grandchildren

Philanthropy in tandem

Sue and Brad Wyman travel the world together, but their philanthropy happens in their backyard

We're here to help

Our philanthropy team will work with you to help your clients

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