5 Practical Tips To Fundraise For Your Discipleship Training School

Being a missionary—it sounds wild, crazy, and just what you’ve always wanted. But you scroll down to where it says “fees”—and you stop. Maybe there’s another way. You know, a cheaper option. Or a well-paying, safe option. 

But do you want to miss your opportunity to see a miracle?

It’s true, answering the call of Jesus to “go into all the world” costs money. Sometimes, a lot of it. But Jesus also promised He would be “with you always, to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20). That means with your finances, too.

1. Work a Job

I’m starting with the least glamorous out of it all (well, unless you have a job that involves a suit or high heels!). Sometimes we forget God provides through plain, old-fashioned work. 

I scrubbed many toilets to pay for my DTS—and was grateful for every cent. If you haven’t been working already, there are plenty of short-term jobs you can get, you just have to keep a look out. And remember, if you are faithful with little, you will be entrusted with much (Luke 16:10). 

2. Ask Friends & Family

You’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to give to you. And that’s the key—people want to give to you, not just a good cause. Although it’s true that some people give towards your vision, more often than not, people give because they care about you. 

So, take some time to meet with people and share your story. Be clear, honest, and personal. And always, always say thank you! 

3. Ask Your Church

I had a problem at my church—every other person my age did was involved in missions. What I was supposed to do? 

Well, the first thing was to actually make it known that I was going to do DTS. Although my church didn’t become a regular supporter or take up a whole offering for me (your church might do that, though!), my pastor gave me a “golden handshake”—because I actually started conversations at church. And that’s where it starts. 

4. Start a Fundraiser

I am still scarred from the day my high school soccer coaches asked us to sell chocolate bars so we could get an Adidas training outfit. Asking people to buy something? Worst thing ever. But years later—I still wear those track pants. But it doesn’t have to be something like that. 

For my DTS, I sold original Bible verse art by donation, and was amazed at how much I enjoyed making the art as well as how many people were blessed. Think about something you enjoy—it could be your next fundraiser.

5. Pray & Trust God

Finally and above all—God is your provider. Start and end with asking Him for what you need, and keep asking. I know it’s hard. You can work for months, ask every family member, social follower, or church goer, and run a killer fundraiser—but still come up short. 

This happened in my DTS. After a week of prayer and support raising, God showed me some things I’d been holding on to, and how part of me didn’t even want to go on my DTS outreach. Yikes. In prayer with my leader, I finally faced my fears—and the money came in the next day. 

So, trust God. Your miracle is just around the corner.